Mapping for Sustainable Livelihoods™ Pilot Training Program

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    Module 1: Foundation

    The first Module is an important foundational framework that will be relevant to all of the four Modules, achieving a solid foundation is a keystone to the final business and community growth outcomes, and how they become sustainable.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Module 2: Engage

    This second Module is a process for business and potentially your community, to look outward. It builds on the last Module by addressing the risks in taking this next step. Engaging others in business has inherent risk which can be managed or resolved.

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    Module 3: Information

    When you have reached this third Module you will have a much bigger understanding of the business innovation now available to you. Pieces fall into place, because each prior stage has been a building block that has prepared the ground well to take this next step.

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    Module 4: Implement

    With the prior Modules completed you now have a framework to enter this growth phase and make growth a reality. You have resolved challenges and become acutely aware of the potential and how to make those choices. You are poised to safely implement a business or community renewal, or economic growth plan.

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